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Condominium Attorneys in Miami

At Dania Fernandez and Associates, P.A., we provide clients throughout Miami Dade with legal advice regarding matters in real estate and condominium law. We have the qualifications and experience to assist you drafting a condominium association document, asserting your rights at a Condominium association, or collecting condominium dues.

We offer legal services on behalf of individuals, management companies and condominium associations:

  • Condominium development and formations
  • Condominium conversions
  • Drafting and amending master deeds and trusts
  • Drafting and amending by-laws
  • Resolving disputes involving unpaid fees by unit owners
  • Advice to Boards of Trustees on fiduciary responsibilities
  • Representation of condominium trustees in litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Negotiating and resolving all insurance-related matters, including the master insurance policy
condominium lawyer miami
condominium conversion lawyer miami

Condominium Conversion

With our substantial knowledge of Florida condominium law, we can effectively answer legal questions, handle transactions and disputes, and assist you with condo conversion applications and zoning issues.
condominium conversion lawyer miami

Condominium Disputes

We provide experienced legal advocacy to those involved in condo disputes. We follow a proactive approach seeking a fair and efficient resolution of your problem.
condominium association lawyer miami

Condo Association Representation

Skilled handling condominium trust associations and boards of trustees’ responsibilities to condo owners, to each other and to the community.
condo unit owner lawyer miami

Condo Unit Owner Representation

Unfortunately, disputes sometimes arise between condo owners or with the condo associations. If you are involved in such a dispute, we can devote our expertise to resolve any issues you may have.

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Homeowner’s Association Attorneys in Miami

As experienced attorneys in the field of community association law in the state of Florida, we focus on the development, formation and representation of community associations and similar clients, including homeowner’s associations, property managers, service providers, builders and land developers.

Community associations are residential developments that are subject to covenants, and include, for example, condo and townhome communities. Typically, the association is such a community that enforces the rules and regulations of the association, collects assessments and maintains the common areas of the association (and possible the homes as well). The association may hire managers, landscapers, contractors and other service providers as determined by the association’s declaration and bylaws.
Homeowners’ Association Legal Matters.

The legal services the we render cover the following community association matters:

  • Assessment lien and foreclosures
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Collection of association assessments
  • Judgment collections
  • Construction defects and warranties
  • Enforcement of covenants/restrictions
  • Drafting and amendment of declarations, Articles of Incorporations, Bylaws and Association Rules and Regulations
  • Nonprofit corporation law
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Annual meetings
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